Domo Everywhere - Public vs Private (Access and Confidential)

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Would setting the embedded card to PUBLIC provide access to users outside of the company? I have an embedded card on a SharePoint site that is set to PRIVATE and is only for internal use. However, not all users have DOMO licenses and just need to view the data visualization. I don't want to compromise the security of the information.


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    Also interested in this. From what I remember, choosing the "Public" option makes it so that the card can also be viewable in some public Domo gallery? 

  • user024906

    I need to have 'public' defined.  The goal is to keep the information within the company internally and not be shared externally.  I'm okay if 'public' means going beyond the department and accessible by other organizations within the company, but not 'public' meaning any user outside of our company that has access to Domo.  

  • GrantSmith

    @user024906 - Public means anyone who has the link can see your data either inside or outside of your company. If you have sensitive company data you don't want accessible outside of your company then I wouldn't recommend using the Public option.


    If you're looking to create a dashboard without requiring a Domo login you could look into Publications (under admin) which is like a slideshow you can configure to give you a URL and an access code.


    Another alternative would be Programmatic Filters with Domo Embed (it's in Beta) but requires some development assistance to write a webpage to embed the chart or dashboard. More information can be found here:

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