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I've been searching the community and support knowledge and no luck so far, so I am forced to request help here, hope you can help me.

I have a table (not HTML, just normal table) card in my dashboard with this structure showing my instagram posts


Likes | XX 

Image | media(beastmode)

Comments | YY

I use a normal table because the original source is not trasposed (Date | Profile | content_url | reactions | comments...), so I traspose it on the card to make it look like that. Now, the image itself is a beastmode calculated field using concat with < src="content_url" > so the image shows on the table. Is it posible to also add the href property so when i click on the image it redirects to the post on instagram?

Whenever I click into the img, domo tries to use the beastmode field as a filter, and I don't know what to do or if there is even that option.


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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    1) try creating a URL with the URL of the image and make sure it works (it is definitely possible to create a URL, consider adding target ="_BLANK"


    Once that works, try altering to add the image.  If I'm honest, off top I don't know if it'll work.  But step one would be to make sure you have the sytnax of your href straight.


    2) if you're unable to have both an image AND a URL, you could add a second column or an additional row to your table that links to the asset.

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