Comparison of data in Graph from different Dates


Hello Beautiful People!


Need your input on how I can compare data from different dates


basically, we have 3 columns, the acct numbers, sales and dates


it is a basic daily upload of data, which means that we get the same acct number more or less, and new sales per day for the same acct numbers on different dates


what I need to see is a table that has the columns > acct numbers  dates and sales


attached the sample file that shows the raw data


Output Graph should be >>>

Acct Numbers > 6/2/2020 > 6/3/2020 > 6/4/2020 > Difference

12345                 12              12              13               1

12324                  9                9                6                -3

12335                  3                8                25              17


thank you for all your inputs!


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @WorldWarHulk 


    It sounds like you could use the Pivot Table chart (Under Chart Types > Tables and Textboxes > Pivot Table) with the Account Numbers being your rows, Dates being your columns and Sales being the value.

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