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Hey everyone! 


Somewhat new to Domo and having trouble setting up a Percent Change formula for Month to Month. Below is the screen shot of the current card I am using. The claim count on the Y axis is already using COUNT(DISTINCT) but I am wanting to add more to the beastmode. 


For example Apr is 127 and May is 133 I am wanting to show the 4.5% difference as another line. 




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Hey @Whimzyy ,


    I recommend you try to put your report together in table builder first b/c this might require some experimentation.


    given that you're trying to do count(distinct) things can get hairy,


    but i think you can get your number using a lag function.  check out this tutorial.


    from there, you'll just do sum(amount) / lag(... )


    In order to do a lag function, you may need to check with your CSM to see if you can get 'window functions enabled in beast modes'.

    Jae Wilson
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  • Whimzyy

    Awesome, Thank you. 


    I will check out the tutorial and see how it goes. 


    I appreciate the help! 



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