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We sometimes have several (9+) different data sets on a page.There are certain filters, like beast mode filters, that I would like to hide from all end users to avoid confusion and filter-overload. Is there any way to do this?


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  • Jamie
    Jamie Domo Employee



    There are a couple of ways to filter on pages: either filter cards which are a visualisation type and which sit embedded on the page, or page filters which are applied inside of the filter bar runnning along the top of a dashboard page.


    I don't believe you can hide cards, so if you are using filter cards this won't be an option - they will always be displayed to all users.


    If you are using page filters, it's possible to save a preset of filter options to the page which will load by default for each user. You could save a pre-set that you would like users to be able to use on the page - there is also an option to permit the adding of additional columns to filter on by users if you wish.

    Likewise you can also turn off the ability for users to add additional filter columns, which should reduce that 'filter overload'.


    An alternative would be to explore the 'Filter Views' which is a beta feature, this allows you to build multiple, separate selections of filter options which are then applied in a groupling via a drop down option on the dashboard.


    The below link explains things in a bit more detail, including how the FIlter Views works:


  • Thank you! How do I save a preset of filters to a page? I'm unable to find any documentation on it. 

  • Jamie
    Jamie Domo Employee

    As long as you have permissions higher than a 'Participant' there shoud be an option to the top right of the page, once you have enabled the filter bar to be expanded by clicking the Filter icon.



    Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 18.53.12.png


    From the KB:

    If you have a "Participant" default security role, you cannot add or remove Filters, but you can edit existing Filter data. For example, if a user had added a Filter named "Customer," you could not remove that Filter, but you could change the customers selected in the Filter. If you have an "Admin," "Privileged," or "Editor" default security role, you can add and remove Filters as well as edit Filter data. You can also do this if you have a custom role with "Edit Pages" enabled. For more information about default security roles, see Default Security Role Reference. For more information about custom roles, see Managing Roles.





  • I'm an admin but I don't see that option. Is that for the Filter Views beta only?

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