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Jessica Contributor
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Is there a way to delete an orphan page?


I found the page by using the Governance datasets.

I even found the page ID and was able to access the page by manually typing in the https path directly.


Unfortunately I was still not able to find a way to delete the page.

Is there some other method I should try?


  • Hi @Jessica 


    Admins have the ability to delete pages under More > Admin > Pages and then searching for the page, selecting it and then going to Edit > Delete Pages.

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  • Only the owner and admin can delete the pages on DOMO. Also, It depends upon the privileges assigned to your role to create/edit/delete pages.


    Go to More->Admin->Pages (it will show all the pages own by you)

    More->Admin->People (To know the Role assigned to your name)


    More->Admin->Role (To see the privileges you have on Domo to action on pages/cards/alerts and so on).

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    Vikas Garg

  • Jessica
    Jessica Contributor

    I am an admin in our instance

  • Jessica
    Jessica Contributor

    My apologies as it posted before I completed my response.


    I am an admin in our instance but I am not able to access this page to delete it.  I can see it in the governance exports and I can access the page through the URL but I cannot access the page in the admin section of DOMO to actually delete it.

  • @Jessica  - How are you not able to access it? Is it a matter that you're not able to see it you'd need to filter the pages by clicking the the three dots next to the page name to do the filtering.

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  • Jessica
    Jessica Contributor

    The page will not come up in the search under the admin page.


    The only reason I know the page exists is because it came up under our Governance exports.


    Since the governance export references the PAGE ID, I just typed that into the URL and can verify it does exist.


    So in summary

    1. Exists in Governance Export

    2. Accessed by PAGE ID typing in URL

    3. Unable to search and/or access on the Admin page


    Since the only method to delete a page is to access in the Admin page, I cannot delete it.

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