Can I show a percentage of a Summary Number underneath the Summary Number?

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Is there a way to display a percentage of the whole Summary Number, underneath the summary number? For example, in the screenshot below, would I be able to display that 20% of Total Streams (the 8.7M number)  came from Paid users? 





  • Cartergan
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    You wouldn't be able to display anything underneath, but you can create a BeastMode calculation Concatinating two or more values which you can then display as the summary number. Here is an example of production from number of loans I used:

    2020-05-20 09_29_11-Branch_Department Dashboards _ Lending Call Center - Domo.png

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @Cartergan  and @Joe_M ,


    you can use HTML in summary numbers to create a ... formatted summary number:

    try creating a beast mode that shows two metrics on two lines by inserting a line break, <BR> tag.

    once you figure that out, then to create percent of total that's just 

    sum(case statement) / sum(sum(amount)) over ()


    you may need to ask your CSM to enable windowed functions in Beast Modes.

    i made a tutorial example:

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