Export filtered data into CSV/Excel

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For one of our business partner we have created a dataset as per his business requirement containing @500,000 records. He applies filters on "Data Tab" of that dataset to view data as per his requirement.

Once filter is applied, record count reduces to @1000 only and he need to export these 1000 records into spredsheet.


For this I need to know whether DoMo have any feature available to extract only FILTERED data into spreadsheet (Without using CARD/Page feature) ? ..


If yes. Please assist me.


  • @user11651 ask your CSM about the Data View beta (which was previewed at Domopalooza) it will allow users to create filtered views of Datasets.  Those views will have a dataset ID which can be access / exported via API (including Excel addon or as a CSV.)

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  • Thanks @jaeW_at_Onyx 


    I have tried of this one...

    opened dataset as SQL and created SQL dataflowand wrote query. once the query is executed data is exported in EXCEL


    Prashant K.

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