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I have a data set with 30+ questions as columns.  Other key columns are a user column and a topic column.  The question columns are  text based with values of either 'Yes', 'No' or 'N/A'.  So basically each row in the dataset includes a topic and a user's answers to the 30 questions.  


I'd like to build a card that shows the 3 questions that received the most 'no' responses per topic.  I'm open to any type of card, but table format is preferrable.  


Any opinions on the best way to handle this?  Is this sort of ranking possible in Bestmode or will I have to include this logic in a transform?  I know there will be tie breaking rules and I need to consider what happens if 4 questions have the same number of 'No' responses for a given topic, but those are things I'll need to work through when I have a better idea of how to even begin approaching this.  


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Of,  tough!


    I would collapse the data to the granularity of 1 row per user response to a question.  You'd have columns:







    Then I'd add a column AnswerNumeric as a 0 or 1.


    From there you'd be able to analyze the surveys.


    From there, you can just SORT DESC by survey response.

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