Month over month Offset/Lineup


Hello, I want to build a card month over month offset or lineup.


Example, if today is *May 1, 2020 Friday* then it would compare and align to *April 3, 2020* since April 3 is Friday. Then May 2 would align to April 4 (saturday), May 3 to April 5 (sunday) and so on.


I use period over period charts. 



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    It sounds like you want to compare weeks not months.

    Can you take advantage of any of the week comparison options?

    You may want to look at the fiscal calendar implementation.


    Keep in mind, months based on a calendar year versus months based on weeks are very different.  (Because week-based months typically operate on a 4-4-5 or similar). 

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  • user045772



    Can you help me with that? I tried everything including your suggestions but no luck.

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