Does filter via slicer on Stories carry on towards Drill Path?

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Having a bit of trouble with a drill path I've created.


On a stories dashboard, I have a slicer shown below.



The card (call it Card X) that the slicer applies to shows the following columns: "Project Name", "# of Instances" 


So, depending on the bucket chosen using the slicer, we may see "Project Ritwik", "27" vs. "Project Ritwik", "9".


Now, within Card X, I've created a drill-path to Card Y, where we can click in and see the details of the individual instances that make up the summary # at the top-level.


Card Y may display "Instance 1", "Amount Left" // "Instance 2", "Amount Left"


Now, at the stories-level, the slicer filter "Deliquency Threshold" is not being pulled through when I drill into-place. So, each time I drill-in, I see all instances, not just the instances that fall in the bucket chosen via the slicer.


If I was to use the slicer, and then expand into the Card X details, and THEN drill-in, it works as intended.


Is this just a limitation of the drill-in place interacting with an already selected slicer? Any work-around for this? We would really like to not have to expand details and then drill-in, sort of defeats the purpose. 


Would appreciate any help, thank you!! 



  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Contributor



    It looks like a filter applied via a slicer to a card is not also reflected when drilling in place, unless I’m missing something.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    The filter card should work to apply filters to the page, and those should go through to the drill path.


    Could you share the analyzer settings for your filter card, the first view of the card in question, and the drill view that is causing you troubles?


    Hard to troubleshoot without a little more info.

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  • Ritwik
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    So here is my slicer card, meant to create buckets of Rent Delinquency %, or "Rent Status"



    This slicer applies to the below card. 



    This card (Outstanding Rent Charges) does in fact have a column "Rent Status", and the slicer works as expected (small subset of data now shown, for the first property, went from 370 to 324, etc.).



    Now, within the "Outstanding Rent Charges", I have a drill-in built that is powered by a different dataset that does not have a column called "Rent Status". However, I built a Beast Mode called "Rent Status", which should allow the drill-in to work normally.


    Again, after selecting the slicer, it clearly works, the card is filtered based on Rent Status, as shown below. 

    Dojo 6.JPGNow, here's the issue. From my dashboard view, I've set the "Outstanding Rent Charges" to drill in place. Let's look at the last property, with # of Tenants = 4


    When I drill in place (and click on the "Property" field), I would expect 4 rows or records corresponding to these four tenants. However, the drill-in then returns all the rows, not just the 4. Interestingly, the little blue funnel at the bottom right shows that the only filter being applied is the "Property" drill-in and not the "Rent Status" from the original slicer used -- its as if that first slicer filter dissappered and is not being carried through -- see below.

    Dojo 7.JPG


    Lastly, the reason I am skeptical that this is a bug or a glitch in functionality is because -- when I select a slicer, and then expand details into the "Outstanding Rent Charges", and THEN drill-in (so I am essentailly drilling in from the details view rather than in-place on the dashboard level), the original slicer does pull through as expected. For the example above, I do in fact only see 4 rows for that chosen property.



    So, to recap the above steps that "worked" -- I used the slicer on the dashboard level and set "Rent Status" to ">90% Rent Outstanding". Then, I expanded the details of the "Outstanding Rent Charges" card. The Rent Status filter was still applied. Then, I drilled in by clicking on a specific Property (that had # of Tenants =4), and then saw the details of those 4 tenants. As we can see, the final view has both filters, "Rent Status" (from slicer) and "Property" (from clicking in/drilling in). 


    I think the simplest way of putting this is that when I drill-in place after already having applied a slicer filter to a card, the slicer filter dissapears and is not pulled through.


    Would appreciate any thoughts and help, thank you!



  • ST_-Superman-_

    My first question is did you save the =Rent Status beastmode to the data set?  The field has to be saved to the dataset for the Page filters to work.  


    If not, then save it to the dataset and refresh your page.  See if that works. 


    “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” -Superman
  • Ritwik
    Ritwik Contributor

    Hi @ST_-Superman-_ 


    Yup, the beast mode is saved to the dataset. 


    I just spoke to a colleague, and she told me she was NOT able to see any results from either the drill-in place or the drill-in after expanding details. She received an error while processing both times. May be a larger issue...


    My next step is to add the "Rent Status" to the drill-down dataset using a SQL dataflow rather than a Beast Mode...perhaps that will make things less crazy?

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