Microsoft Sharepoint Online Connector missing?

Hi I'm trying to connect to a Sharepoint list, so am searching for the following connector: 'Microsoft Sharepoint Online Connector'.


Unfortunately this option appears no where when I search in 'Connectors'. The two options for REST and Workbench that do come up for Sharepoint are not appropriate.  

Please can you tell me how I can access the 'Micrsoft Sharepoint Online Connector'? 



  • I use the connector and I see it in the app store. I clicked on the Search icon on the left and chose Connector in the Capability section and then searched for Microsoft. It came up with several others. 

    If you replace your instance name in the URL below, it should take you there as well.


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  • Hi Mark,


    Thanks for replying. I've tried your URL and replaced with my domain and Domo loads to a page that shows constantly loading images but never loads (see screenshot 1 attached).


    I then followed your steps and only two options are given, 'Microsoft Sharepoint via Workbench Domo Connector' and 'Microsoft Sharepoint Online REST Connector', neither of which are the option 'Miscrosoft Sharepoint Online Connector' I need. I have shown the only results shown in the second attachment.


    Any ideas?

  • Morning,


    I'm still stuck on this, any ideas? 





  • Hi Ben, 


    Have you tried opening a support ticket in Domo? It seems there's some funky bug happening in your instance. Support should be able to solve this for you!





  • Hi Anna,


    Ok thanks , I've now logged a ticket for this issue.