Trouble Creating Custom Chart from Stadium Map SVG



I am having trouble importing an SVG file into a custom chart  *properly*. We are trying to get a stadium map down to the seat detail and am not having any luck getting the stadium map into DOMO. I am NOT a web dev expert by any means and this is my first time using a SVG file so any assistance/direction is greatly appreciated. 


I am also attaching the SVG file please feel free to make any updates or suggestions.


Thanks in advance,


Indianapolis Colts NFL 






  • Attached is the SVG code

  • Hi @user008949 


    Can you expand more on how your SVG isn't working properly? Are you getting an error? Is the data not displaying correctly? What is the exact issue with the SVG file?

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  • I took a look at your SVG file and it appears that the bounding areas that were defined are well outside of the actual stadium image itself. The image goes between roughly 400 and 1300 wide (x) and 0 and 800 tall (y). Most of the locations of the sections I've seen are well in the 8000 ranges (x) which is outside of your stadium. You'll want to make sure your regions / defined areas are in the correct location overlaying the respective location on the stadium image itself.

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  • Grant, 


    Thanks for the response. I do not know exactly what is wrong with the SVG and that is why i'm reaching out on here. But when I open the file locally I can see the image I want but when I upload to domo it is not picking it up (see below picture). I believe the data is correct and it's just a simple issue but I am not familiar with this process. 


    Thanks again!!

  • Interesting, thank you for your feedback. Do you have a suggested easy solution other then manually updating these coordinates? I am not familiar with this process.

    Thanks again!


  • So... takes a little digging ... 


    an SVG is just a text file.  try opening your file in a text editor.

    It's hard to read but the first thing you'll notice is the embedded URL to a 'background image.'


    That background image is the vector of your actual map.  IF you take THAT image and load it into Domo you get the following screenshot.


    but that's not what you want.  you want each SEAT.

    If you go back to your originally uploaded file, each seat is actually just a circle overlaid on top of hte SVG:


    <g class="row" id="g867">

            <circle class="seat" cx="8050.57" cy="2048.22" id="GMZDEORSHIYQ" r="7.5"/>



    Short answer is ... i don't know if it's possible to get what you want without some extensive work.


    if you look at the sample provided in the kb link it tells you what your SVG needs to be...i'm not sure where you got this SVG file from, but it looks like you'd have to do a healthy amount of work to get it into the right shape if you want to light up each individual seat.


    What you can do with the svgs you have, is map your ticket sales to the regions in the background SVG and use a custom grouping... so you could say

    "end zone color" is 100% full or 25% full.


    Jae Wilson
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  • I know the Utah Jazz did what you are doing about a year ago. They briefly showed at DP19 and then on a Domo Voices spotlight webinar. It is tedious work and I'm guessing they hired Domo to do the detail work. 

    @jaeW_at_Onyx  and @GrantSmith are both right. You need to correct your SVG file. You can do this with Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (there are others, but these are the two that I have used). You would then create a "region" on every seat and label it according to your seat map or however your dataset would line up with it. 

    The Utah Jazz were able to do a lot of interesting analysis with it. I would see if your CSM could set up a meeting with them to talk about their process, or at least track down the DP19 and Domo Voices recordings for you to watch.

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