Dashboard Page Filter Customization by Card?


I want to use the same dataset in 2 different cards. In the first card, I want to show Quarter Anaylsis revenue (year over year). In the second card, I want to show the current month for different metrics. Date is common to both cards since they share the same dataset. So when I add Date as a Page Filter, my first card is included. I cannot figure out how to turn off page filter for the first card which I want to be independent from the page filter. I should be able to deselect by card vs dataset (and maybe this option exists), but I have not found it. I saw in another post from a couple years ago someone says to copy the dataset and rename the columns. So for my example make it "Rev Date"...but this seems silly and highly inefficient. Thanks in advance for suggestions.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user019875 


    You can explicitly state which cards interact with others via their filters. It'd be better if we could just state don't affect this card with filters but we have to do the inverse and define which other cards are affected by the filter for each card on your dashboard.


    Essentially you'd have to edit each other card on your dashboard and explicitly state "Apply To Selected Cards" and make sure your first card isn't selected.


    (Edit Dashboard > [Hover over the card] Edit Content > Channge Interaction)

    Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 4.48.44 PM.png



    Alternatively you create a separate dataflow with the columns named differently like you had stated.

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