Comparing multiple month-over-month metrics in table


I'm looking to create a table, where the date selection is set to previous month (only want to look at complete months).  I'd like to look at metrics, such as website visits, pageviews, and conversions for that previous month in the table by traffic source. However, I'd also like to show % change compared to the prior time period.  I suspect this is possible with beast mode calculations, but I am not having much luck.  Thanks for any assistance. 


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Do you have a screenshot of what you've gotten done successfully?


    Can you use a pivot table to display multiple metrics?

    Which part are you struggling with?


    For the part about % change compared to prev month, it can be a struggle if you're using Date filter to explicitly filter on 'last month' b/c you're filtering out data for 2 months ago which you probably want / need for the % change calc.


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