Marketo Connector and Data Validation


Hi All,


I have been trying to use the Marketo Dashboard and have it populating.  However, I cannot see to properly validate the data compared to the Marketo reports.  I've been researching and I found something on the Marketo Community where a user posted:

Marketo Support said DOMO is taking raw data logs from API connection while Marketo's algorithm is doing the following:

  1. Reporting unique clicks <> DOMO gets all clicks
  2. Marketo is giving best interpretation of truth and filtering out bots/server clicks <> DOMO gets all clicks
  3. Marketo is drawing inferences based on behavior. So if someone clicked but didn't open, Marketo is counting that as an open. If someone unsubscribes, but did not open, Marketo is counting that as an open <> DOMO is only getting raw data so if there wasn't an actual open it is not in DOMO

The user was asking for help on how to handle this, but there was no respond.  Because of the IDs, unique clicks are not straightforward.  Also, I would think that IPs might be a way to determine some duplicates or missing Opens when an email has Clicks, but there are a lot of NULLs in that field.  Has anyone worked through how to get this raw data to work correctly to match the Email Performance Report in Marketo?