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I am looking for a way to plot store locations and radii around them on top of a zip code map card with customer count data like attached. Has anyone ever accomplished something like this? Thanks! 


Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.19.28 AM.png


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    it's possible but not with the standard cards in Domo.


    each block on a map (whether state, county, region) is just a geometric shape which Domo associates data to.  So instead of long / lat 54,64 for most of our 'region' charts, there's a block called "oregon" which lights up when data in your dataset equals "oregon."


    if you do use the lat/long map, it will create a dot at each Lat Long, but then you don't have the data for regions etc.


    you could use the Lat /Long Route map to plot customers within a 2 mile radius (example) and the nearest store.  or maybe "customers outside a 2 mile radius of stores".  but that would potentially be a lot of lines.


    This would be well within the reach of a custom app.


    Just my 10 cents.  i'm not the biggest fan of maps because they are interesting entertainment but oftentimes don't get to the heart of the question.  "like how many customers who spend more than 30k per month are outside of a 4 mile radius of a store."  That kind of information looks pretty in a map, but it's hard to get detail and actions out of a map visualization.



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