Locate a SQL Connector Dataset based on Query Alone



We are working with a server with some resource limitations and sometimes SQL Connector queries hitting the database at the wrong time will block other processes from running. All the database managers can give me when they ask me to identify which Domo SQL Connector dataset caused the problem is an ip address, the actual query, and the time the query started running. 


My question is this: Is there a way for me to use Administrator tools or DomoStats to use the query to identify the SQL connector job? At the moment, I have to open all the SQL connect datasets' details (for the jobs I think are relevant) and compare their queries against the one I'm given. Sometimes the query is general enough that I can't even weed down the possible datasets too much nad I have to go through them one by one. The time the query started running only helps if the dataset actually finished running because I can look it up based on time, but in this case they killed it while it was running so I can't find it that way.


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Any suggestions how I can use existing functionality to make the scavenger hunt easier?


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Sorry, are you using web-based connectors or workbench to move the data?


    If you're worried about blocking SQL Server, it might make sense to schedule exports from SQL Server as CSV files and then move the files into Domo via Workbench + CSV connector.

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  • nzngsh

    I'm referring to the web-based SQL Server connector. Thank you, that's a good idea about the alternative connector, I will consider that after I find the culprit dataset.