Automating Doc Card Imports


Good Morning 

Random use case here.  I'm trying to find a way to pull out embedded data from an email, store that data into a PDF, and then import that data as various doc cards into a Domo instance.


It is not google forms I'm talking about here, but think of it like that.  You do form in Google Forms right now Google forms will save the responses in a Google Sheet and then we can take that sheet and do our Domo magic to it.  Google Forms also lets you'll down each Form in the response from that person if you wanted to see it in that format.  Right now with another tool that is happening but automated in an email where the data is embedded in it.  


I'm probably way overcomplicating this but was curious if someone else has tried something like this. 


I have a way now to drill down/unwind the data to a response, but ideally, if I could get the actual response and link back to it from a doc card it would be ideal.