Workbench Jobs not running on a schedule


I've seen issues posted by other community members in the past, but it doesn't seem as if anyone has posted a solution to this problem.


As of Monday morning, all of our scheduled jobs have not been running on their normal schedule.  I've tried reauthorizing our account and setting all the schedules again, but they still will not run according to them.


If anyone has a solution to this, I am all ears!


Thank you.


  • Neeti
    Neeti Member

    Hi @user09230 ,


    Yes, there are many post on this. Even I have faced sometimes. I can suggest you to check the logs, if any error message you could see. This may also be because of network slowness or if DOMO is down.

    Try running at the current time if its still failing? Or run at the source DB and check if something else causing issue?

    Other possible reason could be if at the same time, your source of job(may be any database object) has some issue.

    Please check on the above things, it may help you.


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