Can anyone let me know about create a card with multiple datasets?

WizardOz Contributor

Hi all,


I remembered during our call last Friday, someone mentioned this new feature about creating a card using several datasets.  However, I could not find it in the DOMO site about the new features.  Can anyone let me know waht si that?


I happen to have a stakeholder asking me to create a table card with summaries from 3 datasets.  Would like to try it.


Thank you.






  • Neeti
    Neeti Member

    Hi @WizardOz ,


    You could defenitely do it, by transforming your all 3 datasets using magic etl, blend, sql.


    Please try anyone of the above and you can achive what is desired.


    You can also read below from DOMO university

    Connect and Transform: DataFusion 1
    How to use DataFusion to blend or merge data sources.


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  • GrantSmith

    @WizardOz - I don't think it's been released yet. You can see all of the currently released features at You might want to reach out to your CSM to see if they have any more information on when this feature might be released.

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