How can I upload a CSV file using pydomo




I have uploaded a csv file using pydomo which is Python data connector for Domo, using below code -

import pydomo as PyDomo

PyDomo.Domo(Domo_Client_ID, Domo_Client_Secret, api_host = '').datasets.data_import_from_file(dataset_id = '1234abcd', filepath = 'aa.csv')

Above lines of code ran successfully, however when search in Domo for '1234abcd', I failed to find that dataset and hence to use a Domo card with that data.


Can you please help how to find this dataset in Domo to create any Domo card?


Thanks for any pointer.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user05966 


    Have you created the dataset previously with the Domo Python API? What I've had to do in the past is not pass in a dataset ID to allow Domo to create the dataset initially then the second time I run the script I make sure that I utilize that dataset ID that Domo had created.


    There was also a nice Domopalooza 2020 breakout session which talked a little bit about utilizing the Python API which you might find interesting. under Tips & Tricks called "Supercharge Domo with Python"

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  • sai45

    how can I add append method in above code