Creating a Link Field in Domo


Hi All, 


I was trying to have a hyperlink embedded inside a Domo Table/MegaTable and I used the following method. 


CONCAT('<a href="', `donation_link`, '" target="_blank">', 'Donation Link', '</a>')


Now this is working perfectly on Domo but one major problem I'm facing is when I export the data, the column in a excel/csv file is coming out as 


<a href="" target="_blank">Click to View</a>


Is there a way around this? My users need to be able to export the hypelink out of Domo and I can't seem to find any way to do this. 


Thanks to everyone for helping!



  • Neeti
    Neeti Member

    Hi @mamedu ,


    I have never tried this, just thinking if you could do substr to only get the required string from the column?

    Will this work?


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  • MichelleH

    I've encountered the same thing, although I'm curious about your use case for needing the export the links. The HTML hyperlink embed is best suited for if the users need to navigate to a site directly out of Domo. 


    If the export functionality is neccesary, I would suggest removing the HTML and only showing the URL. So your beast mode would change from this:

    CONCAT('<a href="', `donation_link`, '" target="_blank">', 'Donation Link', '</a>')

    To this:




  • mamedu

    The thing is there's a field associated that populates the key for the link per each row. How will I show that?



  • MarkSnodgrass

    You would still make use of the CONCAT function. It would just look like this to incorporate the field_ID. 

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  • GrantSmith



    I've typically just had two separate fields as part of my dataset. One which has the HTML code to make the link clickable and another with just the URL like @MarkSnodgrass suggested. You do have some data duplication but it gives the interactivity of a link within the page but then also allows the users to have just the URL in another field they can utilize in Excel whatever other application they're using.



    I've logged a new idea to allow us to format a field as a hyperlink (value is just a URL but allows user to navigate to the URL when clicking on it) under so if you think it'd be useful feel free to give it a thumbs up.

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  • tigers12


    Is it possible to use file:/ in the href? I am hoping to show a part picture for each item; however, the images I want are currently only stored on a network share drive.


  • LiliRestrepo

    Hello! thank you! Very helpful.

    One question, do you know if there is a way to make the link open a new window, right now I have the link in megatable but if I click on it the link is opening in the same page, and is a little annoying to go back to domo all the time.

  • ST_-Superman-_

    Hi @LiliRestrepo

    You have to add the target="_blank" tag

    CONCAT('<a href="', `field_ID`, '" target="_blank"></a>')

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  • LiliRestrepo

    Thank you @ST_-Superman-_ ! it worked 😁