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I was able to get the Beta version of csv attachments added to my instance.  However, it doesn't seem to work with PDPs enabled.  Once I set the PDP up the user doesn't receive the attachment or an image in the body of the email.  They only receive a default image (below/attached).  If they have an Admin license they will receive the attachment but for all data and not just filtered data.  I really need the specified user to only see their data.  We have a major rollout of Domo coming up and this is essential in moving forward.  Is there a custom role that needs to be created? 


Can anyone out there help me??





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    not to be ... that guy ... but have you opened a support ticket?  given that this is a beta feature ... i have no idea what the response time on that should be.  


    maybe check in with your CSM.

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    Haha yea.  I have done both.  I was just trying all avenues.  Thanks

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    Hi @user12819,


    Custom roles are likely going to be your best bet; I recommend escalating the support case through your CSM or AE and that'll expedite it a bit.

  • user083578

    Turns out that you need to share the card or page that the card is on in order to be able to schedule an attachment to the end user.


    Thanks all!