Floating integers / Floating decimals, rounding


How does DOMO's version of MySQL handle floating integers when rounding?


I went to round a field in my Dataflow. So that I could avoid changing 50 cards and removing the decimals in this feild. 



When aggregated in the card I am showing my total trans is far lower than it should be. opposed to a bit higher after the rounding. 


  • Neeti
    Neeti Member



    May be you can lock your datatype in workbench or can use ROUND function to get the desired output.


    You can try below option in ETL or beast mode as well :






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  • GrantSmith


    What do you mean by floating integers? Typically when talking about data types floats and integers are two very different data types with floats (DECIMALS in Domo) containing a decimal point and integers do not.


    Is it just a matter that youre data is represented as a float with numbers always followed by .0? Do you have sample data?


    Typically if you're doing rounding and the numbers are off means the roudning is causing the data to be off.


    For example if you have the following data points: 1.4, 1.4, 1.4  Roudning the numbers before the sum would cause them all to be 1 for a total of 3 but when you add them all together it'd equal 4.2 (rounded after the sum would be 4) causing different resulting numbers.

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