Any way to pull in basic Quickbooks records? (Customers, Vendors, etc.)


I can't find a way, using either of the included Quickbooks Online connectors, to pull basic lists of records from Quickbooks -- e.g., my Customer list, my Vendor list, Sales Receipts, etc. All I see are reports, which are nice but don't necessarily include all the data I would need. For example, a G/L report doesn't include certain details from Sales Receipts (like payment method) that I would like to be able to report on.


Am I missing something that's totally obvious or are the Quickbooks connectors really this limited?


  • Ben_Dunlap

    I'm looking closer and seeing that my first post was a little too general. The basic QB connector does seem to have access to most, if not all, transaction records (Sales Receipts, Bills, Purchases, Journal Entries, etc.). And also Accounts from the chart of accounts. But not Customers or Vendors... anyone know of a workaround for pulling full Customer or Vendor detail into Domo through one of the built-in QB connectors?


    I tried running a Customer Balance Summary report through the Advanced connector but that apparently only pulls Customers who actually have a balance, and it doesn't provide detail (such as billing address).


    One of the things that really frustrates me about Quickbooks at this time of year (tax time) is that there is no built-in report that shows sales by customer location. I was hoping to use Domo to help me with that but no luck there either, apparently. ?

  • pydomoguy

    I have built a custom Python script to pull any table or report from Quickbooks and dump to a CSV file. I then use Domo Workbench to push the CSV file to Domo. Let me know if you are interested.

  • DK2

    I agree with OP. We would love to have the customer table as part of the out of box connector.