Beast Mode in Pivot Table beta


Hi All!


I created a card using one of the new pivot table options.  When I use a beast mode in the table it does not seem to be able to calculate the sub-total correctly.  My beast mode is a simply divide field A by field B.  Does anyone have a work around/solution for this issue that can be resolved in the card itself? 




  • GrantSmith

    @AnnK - How is the subtotal wrong?  Are you using fields A or B as rows or columns in the pivot table?

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  • AnnK

    The pivot table does not correctly calculate the beast mode as it should.  It does not seem to follow any pattern (total, average, max, etc.).  I found this knowledge base article indicating that since I am dividing two columns into each other my sub-totals column will not be accurate.  Therefore, there is no solution except to manipulate the dataset that is populating this card.  Smiley Indifferent