PowerPoint Plugin - How Can Non-Admin Download It?




The Domo PowerPoint Plugin instructions state that "This plugin can be used by Admin-, Privileged-, Editor-, and Participant-level users." However, the instructions clearly illustrate that you must have Admin privildges to download the plugin.


My question is: Is there a way for non-Admin users to download the plugin on their own?


Thank you!


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    At this moment in time, the only way I know to access the link is through the admin section. Can you ask your, admin, to get the file for you?



  • user073613

    Hi Jarvis,


    Thank you for your response. I am the Domo admin for my company, and our project managers are the ones who need access to the PowerPowpoint plugin, but we work remotely out of different cities, so I am not sure how I would download it for them without working with IT to remotely access their desktops.


    Perhaps this is the only solution, but I will wait to mark this as resolved in case there are other thoughts on a workaround.





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