Open custom app on new tab or redirect to card from a page


Hi Dojo,


How can I implement my custom app card to be seen as a card created within Domo (has a header with the card name, clicking on any part of the body opens the card)? For example, the card for my custom app doesn't display the card name at a page level, only when I go into the card. To go into my custom app card I have to click on the wrench and go into card details so it opens in the same/another window, other cards created within domo have the capability to click anywhere on the card body at a page level and open the card.



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    Without seeing the cards and your app this could be a difficult one to answer. But to begin I would look at the cards in the analyzer view and look for differences. I'd identify what the card created from your custom app is lacking from the standard card. And then look to enable those properties.



  • user04407

    Thank you for the reply Jarvis. I will continue to work on this and reply with an update.


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