How do I disable the "Domo Master" notifications at the bottom of the screen?

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How do I disable the "You only have X skills to learn to become a Domo Master" popup at the bottom right hand corner of the screen?  Screenshot attached.


  • I've never seen that before.  However, if I had to guess I would say that it is an achievement that your company has created in your Domo instance:2020-02-21_09-41-52.png


    See if you can have an admin either remove the achievement, or remove your visibility to it.  I'm pretty sure you can assign achievements by user.

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  • user10378

    I am an administrator on our instance and there are no achievements listed in the "Company Settings"->"Achievements" area of the Admin screen.

  • I'm not sure where that pop up is coming from then.  Do you partner with any 3rd party developers to help with your Domo content?  I would try checking there.  


    Otherwise, my best guess would be that it is related to completing your profile:2020-02-21_13-02-28.png



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  • user091146

    This is not a third-party issue, and I also don't believe it to be part of the profile setup or achievement processes. It's part of the Domo onboarding/tutorial process. The prompt leads to a checklist of onboarding steps (image attached). 

    If the original poster is like me, they've been unable to complete the "learn your way around" section (which stops providing progress prompts after a few clicks) and are therefore unable to get this prompt to stop recurring with every new session. Would be great to have this bugged tutorial removed or fixed, as it's very annoying and often blocks other parts of the interface. Thanks!

  • ST_-Superman-_

    I would open a ticket with Domo support if you haven't already.  Is this happening for all users in your instance?domo support ticket.png


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  • MarkSnodgrass

    I can testify to the fact that this something Domo has implemented on all instances. I am involved in about 17 different Domo instances and any instance created in the last year or so has this notifcation in the corner and it won't go away until I do all of the things it says. On older instances, there is no notification, so it is definitely something Domo implemented on newer instances. 

    I would love to see an option to dismiss the reminder permanently because it is constantly in the way and I know I won't ever complete all the tasks it suggests for all of the instances that I am involved in. (For example, one task is to sign into your phone. I am not going to sign into my phone for all 17 instances I am involved in). 

    Not sure if it is already in the Ideas Exchange, but it is worth submitting an idea to permanently dismiss the reminder.

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  • NewsomSolutions
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    @MarkSnodgrass - 100% agree.  This should be an option for the Admin to turn off/on or allow the user to ignore forever if Admin.