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currently there is no way set a default value. For example, my date selector card is part of a dashboard were I want it's value to be "Yesterday" or "Last Week". Is there a timeline, if any, of when this feature will be provided?


  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi @user04906 ,

    You can use beast mode to filter the date to always set it to yesterday.

    Kindly follow the steps,

    1. Create a beast mode - DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 1 DAY)
    2. Put the beast mode to filters and select 'In' and keep the check box unchecked.

    Hope this helps



    Aditya Jain



    'Happy to Help'
  • GrantSmith

    Currently Domo doesn't have this exact feature. While @Aditya_Jain solution would work it won't allow you to keep other filters for the user to select.


    There's an idea that's been posted under the Idea Exchange specifically for this request: 



    Go give it a like to let Domo know you're interested in this new feature.



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