Salesforce Connector (Domo Connector Package)


We are trying to connect Domo with Salesforce using the Domo Connector Package.  We have followed all steps for the install on the Salesforce side in Sandbox.  On the Domo side, when I click “Get the Data” I am able to get my sandbox credentials, select my data report and save. However, the data will not import.  On the Salesforce side, it shows me signing in through Domo and accessing the data. But we are not sure what the problem is because the data won’t import, saying the Domo Connector Package needs to be installed. Can you offer any solutions?


P.S. Domo no longer offers any ticket support. Really horrible service! Are you thinking of switching to a new BI solution due to this and which one?



  • GrantSmith

    @SusieQ - Have you installed the package on the Salesforce side for All Users?


    When you're connecting Domo to your Salesforce instance are you using the sandbox connection or your production environment connection?

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  • SusieQ

    Thanks for the reply! We installed on sandbox for all users. We uninstalled and reinstalled and it seems to be working now. No idea why.