Saving a card as a Favorite not working.



First time poster...long lime lurker


When I view a card and navigate to "card Options" > "Add to Favorites" the card does not show up in my Favorites Dashboard (Page).

Is this a known issue latey? I have one card in favorites that I added 6 months ago so I did it correctly once.


I do have Admin status.


Thanks for your help,



  • GrantSmith


    Have you tried a different browser or logging out and back in? It seems to work fine for me.

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  • SGuglietta

    @GrantSmith Thanks for the reply and confirming it works on your end.


    I did log out and back in, I also tried Explorer and nothing. I did just successfully add a card as a favorite owned by myself and a few other users. It looks like my problem just got narrowed down to cards owned by a specific (non admin) user in my company..ever hear of that? I'm looking into that now.


    Thanks for your help


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