how to hide results in dashboard when user number are small


I have a dashboard that contains some user information such as # of users, user activity(downloads, views etc), I have different filters set up to allow stakeholders to filter on user region, user group etc.   However, due to the data privacy, I could not report on some info when # of user <20.  


here is what I hope to do:  when a stakeholders selects a filter(s), if it results the number of user <20, then all cards should not show anything or saying "data is not available to view".  


Is there a way to do this?


Thank you for your help.






  • Have you tried adding a filter in the analyzer of "# of users > 20"? This should keep those smaller ones from showing when other filters are applied.

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  • GrantSmith

    @WizardOz - Are you wanting to allow the smaller groups if the total number of users is > 20?


    One other thing of note you might want to keep in mind is to remove the drill path to the underlying data so that they can't see the small group of users. You'd also want to be careful with what's being graphed so the small user group information isn't showing when the user selects the table view instead of the graph view.


    If you're wanting to allow the smaller groups if the total group population is > 20 then you could utilize a Beast Mode to calculate the correct display option and then use that field in your chart:


    CASE WHEN SUM(`# Users`) > 20 THEN
    'Data is not able to view'
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