SQL Transform for Customers With No Invoice Dated 2 Years Prior to Current Year


I have developed an ETL dataflow that outputs our gross margins per job. I have then used this dataflow to create cards that show total gross margins by customer. What I am looking for is to start from this exact same ETL flow but output only customers that have not had invoices in the 2 years prior to current year - so currently, that would be 2019 and 2018.


I've tried to create a new ETL transform with the first transform as input but I can't figure out how to filter out the customers that have had invoices in past 2 years. Is this something that must be done through an SQL transform or is there a way through ETL? I am very weak at SQL and just okay at ETL.


Sample Input Data   Desired Output Data  
CustomerJob GMInvoice Date CustomerJob GMInvoice Date
Cust1100001/15/20 Cust250001/08/20
Cust1500008/31/19 Cust2700012/15/17
Cust1300006/15/13 Cust2700012/15/17
Cust250001/08/20 Cust3100012/31/16
Cust2700012/15/17 Cust3500012/31/16
Cust2700012/15/17 Cust5100001/01/20