Certain user receives error when exporting page to PowerPoint

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One of the users in our Domo instance has an issue where he's unable to export the content from dashboards into PowerPoint. I've attached a screenshot of the error message he receives. Nobody else in our instance has reported this issue, and I've been able to export the exact same page without any problem.


Has anyone else encountered this? I'm curious whether there are any browser or MS Office settings that could be causing this error.




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    Try reading below article




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  • Hi @Neeti thank you for the info. I read through the article you shared, and unfortunately it does not provide any information relevant to the problem. The user follows all the necessary steps needed to export the page content, but it appears that there's something about his specific user account or computer that generates an error. I suspect this because other users are able to export the exact same page without any problem. 

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    Allrite!!! May be you can have check with your network firewall team as well, It might be blocked from them. Also, do reach to DOMO admin if above doesnt work.