Remove Duplicate rows in Card


So I have this dataset which has products and their categories in the below format

Product Category

A ---------- X

A ---------- Y

B ---------- Z

B ---------- X


I am trying to build a card which shows the products filtered by categories. For example if I choose Category X and Y in the filter, it should show me one row for A and one row for B (NOT two rows for A although A is present in BOTH X and Y Category). I don't need the category column in the card but I haven't been able to find a way to just display the unique products. Could someone please help?


  • MichelleH

    Hi @Abhigyan,


    If it's a table card you're building, then I would recommend adding an aggregate column to the card (e.g. a COUNT or SUM). This should condense the duplicates. Then you can hide the aggregate column by going into Chart Properties > General > Hide Columns and typing the corresponding column number (If you want to hide the third column from the left, then enter 3).


    Hope this helps!

  • DDalt



    Michelle's solution should work but I thought I would offer up an alternative that doesn't involve hiding columns.


    In your case, add Product as the lone column in your table card. Then, place Product in the "Sorting" box and choose the aggregation as: Count.


    From there, you can add Category as a Quick Filter and it would allow you to choose one or more categories and see all of the distinct Products.


    I have attached a file as an example.

  • DDalt

    If the preview of the document doesn't load (it wasn't for me after I posted), you should still be able to dowload it by hitting the "download" button in the bottom right corner

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