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Hello people, when creating a dataset via AppDB, is there a proper way to specify that a field can be null, in this case, a date field?


I need it null so then I can select null dates and do other stuff with those records based on an ID filter.


Hope I explained myself, thanks in advance!



  • DataMaven

    Is it not uploading if it's null, or are you finding that when you try to filter a card on null, it says there are no results?  


    Domo does not handle nulls well.  If it's the latter, you need a dataflow which replaces null values with something.  Since it's a date field, it will have to be a date, which can be 1/1/1900 or something.  If you don't want to mess with the date field, you can have your dataflow filter on date being null vs. non null and and add a constant to each with Yes or No, and append them to each other.  That way, you can filter your output on that attribute.  



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