10k ft connector - limiting time entry approvals returned


We use the Domo 10k ft connector and it's very helpful for more advanced forecasting and audits than we can do out of the box with 10,000ft.  One of our audit reports is for time entries missing approvals and we use the standard report from the connector: "Time Expense Approvals".   Unfortunately, that report does not allow a date range (either specific or relative) in settings.  So I think it's trying to pull years of data.  It's always only succeeded ~60% of the time and recently it's almost never successful.


Is there any way to limit the results in this dataset (either with the current connector or please add as a feature).





    Hey - just jumping in to share a similar concern. I am having a similar row-count issue with a CRM provider CallTrackingMetrics (CTM / Call Tracking Metrics for search purposes).


    Basically the API Connector will fetch the most recent 10k rows, then stop. The problems I have are:


    A) With the 'Replace' update method - I can't reliably use this because the connector will never fetch ALL the data, so the replace method is useless. Especially without some filtering options. And,

    B) With the 'Append' update method - it doesn't actually append, it just duplicates! I'm assuming because I can't set any parameters for *what* to append on, the API just duplicates.


    I've reached out to support and looked for support docs but I can't seem to find anything. Sorry I don't have a solution for you but I'm hopeful the volume of reported issues might get some attention or creative solutions from other folks out there.