KPI Dashboard Creation


Good morning to you all, 


Looking at creating a KPI Dashboard. 


Just wanted some initial advice to a possible strategy. Very new to Domo so still learning. 



There are 4 different areas of the plant. 

Each area has the same KPIs. 

These KPIs are broken down by 5 project stages (each project stage has different KPIs). 


We are initally looking at having maybe an initial dashboard showing the 5 project stage as a gauge. 

Then (if possible) clicking on a card (project stage in the case of the initial page) to take us to show all 4 of the areas under that card. 


We would like gauges that would show the progress of the KPIs together, meaning if there are 10 KPIs in one area of the plant and the data shows that 7 meet the criteria and 3 don't then the gauge would show 7/10 from the data. Some code from beast mode may need to be written maybe to translate the raw data into the gauge type information we require. 


In summary, my inital question is how to transfer raw data such there are 5 work orders in a certain area into gauge data, as in if 5 meets the criteria this could refer to 10% if there are 10 KPIs out of 100%, hope this makes sense. 


Thanks in advance 

Hope I have explained this well enough


  • Aditya_Jain

    Generally Dashboarding of the cards depends on what storyline your business aims at . Also the target audience plays an important role. Let's say your dashboard users are top executives, then they might not be interested in granular data and would mostly see top level data.


    Second point of consideration is how you want the data to be presented. If you want the cards be highly interactive, then you may place related data together. for example,in your case, you may have a slicer for 'Market' and basis that, you would want to see the 'Regions/Plants' pertaining to the 'Market' . You can make the KPI numbers change basis the interactive filter/page filter.

    So combinations / design layout can be many basis your objective and audience. You can put forward your queries pertaining to it.


    Hope this helps


    Aditya Jain

    'Happy to Help'
  • trafalger

    The best way to transform the raw data would be with an ETL - either Magic or MySQL. 


    If you are unfamiliar with SQL, I'd recommend the Magic ETL:




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