How to enable child pages filter in Domo

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I want to have a main page (on a division level). 

If we click on that page, I want to see different pages for departments. 

If I click on any department, I want to be able to see the different pages/dashboards for that department. 


Right now I can only go down one level, and not two. 


Is this possible through the children pages / hierarchy that was mentioned in Domo's most recent update. And how do I activate it?


  • KVincent

    I think what you are referencing can be found by clicking the + sign at the very top to the right of the search bar. Then you would click on page, then if you expand one of the subpages you are working with you have the option to add an additional subpage. Is this what you were looking for?

  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor



    If I click on the + sign you are referring to, I can add a subpage to the page (=2 levels down)


    However, I want to add another level (a subpage to a subpage; = 3 levels down). 


    I cannot do that with the + sign onn the top left of the page. 

    In the last Domo update release, it was mentioned that we could go 3 levels down. That was what I was referring to. 

  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi Hamza_123,


    For activating the feature, if you are an Admin, please follow the steps,

    1. Got to Admin panel
    2. In the left hand side menu, go to 'Company Settings'
    3. In the subsequent menu, go to feature management and toggle the button on

    Please note : if you roll-back the featue/ turn off the feature, the third level would not be visible in the older version.
    Please read the following documentation for more clarity -

    Hope this helps



    Aditya Jain

    'Happy to Help'
  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor

    Ahhh I see. 


    Is there any way the admin can see for himself/herself only how the new layout will look. I discussed this in my team, and we are apprehensive for releasing this layout for the whole organization. We want to see ourself how it will look before releasing it company-wide.