Alerts for dataflows when fails to upload




I would like to set up the Alerts for all of my dataflows for when it fails to upload. I am a Mac user and only found the solution through Workbench, which is not available for me. How would I set up the alerts in this case? 


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  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi Sonya,

    If I have got this right, you want to get notified whenever your dataset update fails. You can turn on the notificaitons by following these simple steps,

    1. Go to the data center,
    2. Open the dataset you want to enable notifications for 
    3. On the top right corner, click on the wrence icon (settings menu)
    4. Click on Notifications (as shown in the attached pic)

    Notify.pngYou can turn on the notifications in the pop-up that appears.


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    Aditya Jain

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