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Our company is struggling with getting this connector up and running. Has anyone successfully implemented it? We've been through the process of creating a certificate, having it signed by ADP, etc. but we can't seem to establish the connection and unfortunately, DOMO hasn't been very helpful. 




  • Jarvis
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    I'm sorry you have not had the support you need, I always begin with this document And then contact support. If you're not getting what you need then reach out to your Customer Success Manager and have them assign someone with specific knowledge of this connector.





  • clloyd01

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    We have done exactly that. Greg Pendleton with the connector team has been working with us but we're stuck on determining the type of account needed to log into the ADP connector. We've created an admin user with all permissions and we're still not able to get it to work. It's not like he's not trying to help us, he's been very accommodating but we've just sort of hit a wall and it's not looking like this is going to happen. 




  • VHenderson

    @Jarvis  Was a solution for this ever found? We are trying to connect ADP as well and are not sure what the next steps are to get more help with the development.



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