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Good Afternoon Community!

I have a DOMO Card that I created that I am having problems updating the data to.

The intial data was loaded using the CSV Connector.  When I re-run my data set and try the CSV connector I get to the screen that asks if I am sure I want to move 1 card to a new DataSet.  I click Switch Data.  The next screen I get is this error..."undefined and undefined are incompatiable and none of the cards were moved".  I even tried to update to teh excat same data set I used to build the card and I get teh same error.  See attachment.  This card has two drill down cards under it.  It also has one shared Beast mode field from another card.  Help!



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Contributor



    I believe you have created a new dataset with the same name and there may be differences in the schema, and BeastModes may not transfer if used. You should be able to upload and then replace or append the existing dataset and not have to change the dataset within the card. If you have support included within your package reach out to them and ask for help and a screen share to walk through the issues.

    If you don't have that in your package can you list the steps you are taking to update the data? This will help our understanding of exactly where we are in Domo and we can then give a more accurate path to help resolve this issue.


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