Counting characters in ETL?

Hi there,


I know there's a way in Python to count characters similar to LEN() in Excel, but I don't know Python at all to be able to use it as a tile in the ETL.  

Can someone help me figure out how to add a new column of character count to a dataset using Python?




  • Does it need to be done in Python?


    You can do this with a simple LENGTH function call either in SQL or via a Beast Mode:


    LENGTH(`Column Name`)
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  • I'd prefer to use Python so I can keep it all part of one ETL flow rather than chunk it out into another dataset in MySQL, and a Beastmode won't work because I need to aggregate up within the ETL.

  • Python has a len() function...


    you would just define your new field... something like this

    length = len(string_field)

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  • Thanks!

    I knew that it had that function, but I wasn't sure how to write the code so that it'd put out a new column containing the length.  So there's no print function?  Just "length = " ?