Importing Multiple Tables




I am new to Domo.  I was wondering if there was a way to import multiple tables at once from SQL Server.  We are starting from scratch.




  • I don't think Workbench is set up to select all tables from an entire database, but here is an option to make it a little less cumbersome. 

    In Workbench, create a job of one your tables and save it. 

    Go to the More tab and export the job. This will save your job as a JSON file. 

    Now, you can open that file up in any text editor and edit it and configure it for another table and save it as a different name and then choose the Import option to import the file back in. 

    If you study the structure of the file, you might be able to construct a query of your database using the information_schema tables to dynamically build the JSON files and then import all of the files back in to workbench. 

    Here's a link about the import and export section of Workbench.

    It's not going to be easy, but depending on the amount of tables you have, it could be worth your time.

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