Cant get the percentage of the total!!!

edited March 2023 in Beast Mode

Hi All

I'm trying to calculate the percentage of a column (that is aggregated) using this beastmode



(SUM(CASE WHEN `Cluster` = 'Greater North' THEN `Uno`

Else 0
END)) /Sum(`Uno`) *100


However, in the table it shows "100" although in the Total it does have the right percentage!! (sse pic)

What I am doing wrong?



  • Unbelievable, I had to calculate everything in ETL because of the table not working.


    Power BI is looking better and better TBH

  • Did you reach out to your Domo admin or try to open a support ticket with Domo?

  • Hi Dani

    I had to deliver it by today so I had to get it done. We have domo as an add-on (from Riskonnect) and the support response is not very fast.


    Still puzzled why the beastmode didn't work. I even produce an ETL to create a little table as shown in this post to no avail. 



  • thanks, that seems to work, however, it does not let me aERROR.jpgpply totals (see screenshot).

  • @swagner

    I know it has been a while since you posted your comment. I was able to get this to work in a Beast Mode.

    It was your post that pointed me in the right direction, so thank you!

  • Thank you @jmckenna!! Your solution saved my day 😊