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Hello, is this case possible to achieve?


I have a card, with drill downs. Bar chart, pie chart...I click on one of the sections and when reaching 2nd/3rd or N level of drilling, user can click into a section of the graphed data and open an input form (most likely created by APP DB technology)


Did I explain myself clearly, or would you like to review it with a simulated example? My believe is that it might be possible combining Phoenix charts and App DB tecnologies...



Thanks in advance.


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  • jeffcroskrey
    jeffcroskrey Domo Employee
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    Thanks for your message @MartinB! This sounds like it would be possible with a custom app. I don't see this working without some custom development unless you wanted the last visual to be a table. There is a way to link to a url from within a table card, but I am not aware of any other visuals that allow you to link from a part of the visual straight out of the box.


    Here is a KB article on adding links from a table card:


    I will do some research to see what additional information I can get you on the customer app side.  Thanks!

  • MartinB

    Wow, sounds like that's a feature barely accounted or imagined Smiley Very Happy


    I will definetly work in this and will reach you out with whatever outcome I get of the development.


    Thanks for the guidance!

  • jeffcroskrey
    jeffcroskrey Domo Employee

    Awesome, I would love to hear more on how it goes for you.  Domo does have a form builder app, that is an add on, which might be interesting for you, and could help in your use case.  Here is a link to our Form Builder documentation.

  • jeffcroskrey
    jeffcroskrey Domo Employee

    Hi @MartinB ! I heard back from our team internally, and there is some documentation on what you are looking to do.  I have added that below. I look forward to hearing back on how the development goes.  Thank you!


    The answer is in the Domo Phoenix documentation:

    addEventListener(type, (event) => boolean)

    Attach a handler to various Phoenix event types. The following events are supported:

    • drill
    • hover
    • chartStateChanged
    • cardbus

    // Define your own drill "click" event

    chart.addEventListener('drill', function(ev) {

      const filterStrings =

        f => `${f.column} contains ${f.values.join(' OR ')}`


      console.log('drilling on: ', filterStrings.join(' AND '));

      return true;


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