How to add the unique numbers to every row of the output?


I have dataflow which consists of ETL o/p( table 1+Table 2) as i/p in sql.

and further this I need to send it to another department, so they can fill in the blank  fields. Thy will be able to fill in the blank fields only if I add the unique Key to each row of the o/p

1.I did add the Index of General type- looks like it did not work.- what  shall be my alternative ?

2. How will I export the o/p from dataflow ?




  • You mention both ETL and SQL in your question.  Are you wanting to add the unique row identifier in the magic ETL dataflow, or via the MySQL dataflow?

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  • Techy007

    Either, I tried doing it in SQL. by ading Alter table- indexing . no luck!


    Please give me code to include Unique number to every row of the o/p in SQL or ETL

  • GrantSmith

    You can utilize the Rank & Window widget in a Magic ETL dataflow. Just select the row number function from the list and specify which column to order by.

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