Rating from App Annie connector (application rating)




I looking how to get information about metrics (number of downloads and rating of application) present on both store: play store and app store. I create and connect App Annie and it is working perfectly well but I did not find information about application rating in the data.

When I look to the DOMO app annie documentation, this metric is supposed to be here:

Primary Metrics

  • Account Connections

  • Product Sales

  • Advertising Sales

  • Top Apps

  • Product Ratings


Somebody knows where is hide this data ?


Thank you for your help,




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hello Philippe.


    Once you connect through the set up in the credentials pain there are the various reports that are available;



    Select the App Annie report you want to run. The following reports are available:

    Account Connections List

    Retrieves all account connections available in the authenticated user's account.

    Account Connection Products List

    Retrieves the product list for the selected account connection.

    Account Connection Sales

    Retrieves sales information for the selected account connection.

    Advertising Account Site & Campaign List

    Retrieves a list of all sites and/or campaigns for a specific ad platform account.

    App Site & Campaign List

    Retrieves a list of all sites and campaigns linked to the selected app.

    IAP List

    Retrieves the In Product Purchase list for the selected product.

    Product Sales

    Retrieves sales data for the selected product, such as a number of downloads, refunds, etc.

    Shared Products List

    Retrieves a list of shared products the authenticated user may have access to.

    User Advertising Sales

    Returns advertising metrics for the authenticated user.


    If the information you seek is not in any of these reports then you may need to submit an enhancement request to see if the specifics can be added. Before submitting an enhancement request it may be worth checking with App Annie if they have a suitable API endpoint that can be added to the connector.